Wednesday, November 28, 2012

all the what ifs

when you're in highscool you always blame the town you're in for why you're unhappy. atleast that's what I do.
so I'm just wondering if it really is this town or if when I leave nothing is going to change. maybe it is just me.
or what if I never leave? what if I never leave because I am too attached to every, little, thing. I'm attached to my co workers, and my teachers, so many people have broke me and helped me and inspired me here that what if I leave and I miss them all too much. what if I think leaving will solve all my problems but really it doesn't. or what if I don't leave and I just keep getting worst.
ill never know until I try I guess. but I'm a coward. I may just be too much of a pussy to even try.
what if I stay for someone who doesn't want me? what if I wait around?
just what if...

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