Sunday, January 13, 2013

plans to keep my mind busy

graduate, stay in Florida a year, work at Publix, go to dsc online, save money, live with my mom and or Chloe, move to Cali by the time I'm 19, take another year of school online at dsc, work at a grocery store full time, write and take pictures in my free time, meet someone (old or new), fly my parents up for a birthday present, get married and have kids in between 23-28 years old, have my wedding in Cali just flying up close friends and family, get pregnant and plan to move back to Florida so our kid will grow up around my family, have a degree so I can teach, be back in Florida by the time I'm 27, rent out my dads house with Chloe until we both find smaller houses to part ways in, be a family with my husband and kid, try to get a job at Fpc, settle down, work at Publix over summer, have first birthday cookout at dads/my house, travel to costa rica to visit dad, and so dad can see baby, plan having another kid 2 years after the first, and another a year after the second, stop at 3, get my tubes tied, spend my summers being a mom, watch my kids grow up, travel once they are old enough, have lots of birthdays, and anniversaries, and always tell my husband how much I love him and the babies he gave me.

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