Sunday, March 17, 2013

first love

I literally feel nothing, I am detaching from everything. I have never felt alone or real heartbreak until now.
you know when cheesy girls say "he was my one and only" and everyone laughs because they all know it's not gunna ever be like that, I'm one of those girls. I know ill move on and my life will be perfectly fine without him but right now I need my time. just a couple days to not be okay, because I am not okay. you all asking if I'm okay when you already know the answer. id rather silence than sympathy.

it's so fucked up how much I can love someone, but it be this easy to move on. all because you were never around. all because we were both just in love with the idea of each other. all because we were both each others first loves.

there's no words for what we were besides; first love.
when bad shit happens it makes you a better writer, especially when you want to be a writer. just think of all the psychological damage a writer will go through to be a better writer.

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