Sunday, March 10, 2013

it's my fault

the burn is so small no one will ever notice or realize how much it hurt. it each time it looks worst but hurts a little less but it's still painful but things get numb afterwards. I think I should go to the doctor, no one will take me, I have no one to talk to, my own best friend doesn't want to hear it, she doesn't know. she thinks her problems are bigger. I think I want to die again. idk why but I feel like maybe I should just go now, away, for awhile. I turn everything around me into shit, I ruin everything it makes me wanna puke. I think I just might..
I'm sick to my stomach I just need someone as fucked up as me to fuck the pain out of me. I'm not ready for life. life isn't ready for me. I'm evil.

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