Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I want lust.
I want everything bad for me.
the bad boy that just wants to fuck me.
I want him to fuck me until I'm numb.
I want his hands aggressively, all over me.
grabbing and pulling, like he can't get enough.
I want his nails down my back, and his teeth on my neck and lips.
I want to get chills, aches, and bruises.
I want him to charm me afterwards with all the sweet talk and tenderness that is all FAKE.
he can run his fingers down my back and kiss my face and play with my hair.
I want him at any time and every time. any where and every where.
I want my feet to curl, and have to fight the urge not to scream.
and when it's all said and done, ill remember him.

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