Thursday, April 18, 2013

everyone is meant to be saved

sometime in your life you will meet someone, and they will start to talk to you, and all of the sudden a lightbulb will go off in your head, or you'll see fireworks, or a glimmer in that persons eye. no matter what it is it'll spark inspiration and motivation in you. when that happens, it's very important that you know this person is meant to stay in your life. it will not be a lover, but like meeting a long lost friend, or a role model figure. I am blessed to have found that person at only 17, and maybe I only found him so young because the lack of motivation and confidence I get from my parents but either way I am so lucky to have someone that drives me the way he does. I'm so grateful and that lightbulb that goes off every time I get to see you gives me hope and hes the only person I've ever met who has pushed me to be great in life. it's one thing to hear from a parent or family but to hear it from someone who just meets you and sees it in you, is inspiring. find that person, they will save you.

-For AJ

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