Thursday, August 1, 2013


do you think there are people who just go their whole life withou being in a relationship? because really, who ever said that having a companion is required in the rule book of life? I think it's okay for a person to be alone, it's just a more  literal form of independence. 
I bet some people can't even fathom being alone. we all know someone who's like that too, and if you can't think of that person, then the person is you I'm afraid. 
I prefer to be alone. it's a good thing and it's a bad thing but I don't know what's good and bad. I know it's a good thing that i protect myself and don't get close to anyone but what if I'm protecting myself from good things and missing those good things? 
isn there a way to find someone else like this? someone who will understand that "hey I love kissing you. I may even love you, but no, I don't need you."

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