Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm depressed.

I'm depressed. every day is tough, some days are tougher, and every now and then just thinking about another day cripples me.
I'm depressed but I've accepted it. it may have taken me years but im here now. yeah I'm sad but that's a part of me. I'm always thinking a million miles per hour and sometimes it just paralyzes me. instead of trying to cure myself, I need to find myself. that may take just sitting in bed and thinking some more or it may take a vacation, or road trip. 
I wish I could look up, but instead of always looking down, I can at least look forward. 
I've been trying to cure myself for so long  because I never could accept who I am. I still haven't but I do know, you can't cure who you are.
I can't cure who I am. I have to accept it, and live with it. because life is the only option and I am who I am. 

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