Friday, April 3, 2015

key to happiness (or something like that)

When I turned 18 I thought that it was going to be the most important, and the best year of my life. I thought that so much so that I got super anxious about the idea that after 18 everything was going to be bad, or somehow less inspiring. So now here I am, saying that that’s no way to live. Why can’t every moment of my life be the time of my life, and bring just as much happiness? I’m on this new journey - and perhaps I’ve always been on this journey but didn’t realize - to inspire myself. What I’ve accomplished already gives me butterflies, and I think I found the key to happiness (or something like that).
1. Find something to look forward to. Make plans to live your life.
2. Find the one thing that you love doing. Hobby is such a silly word, but get a hobby!
3. Find the beauty in all of the craziness. Look around, and stop thinking of all the bad. Close your eyes and know that there’s life all around you and that’s extremely incredible, and breathtaking.
4. Let it consume you. Embrace the good feelings. The butterflies. The happiness that brings you to tears. Everything. Embrace it all.

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